Monday, December 7, 2009

Putting It All Together

I don't have a mantel or built-in bookcases...but I do have a $60 Target bookcase.  This is may attempt to get that Christmas mantel look.  On my Target bookcase you'll see other things that I've already posted about:  framed hymn, wreath stand, and the birch candle.  The wreath is another live wreath from Costco ($14.87).  This one I kept pretty simple by just wrapping lights around it and hanging some ornaments in the middle with brown satin ribbon.  The greenery is also from Costco.  You can get 25 feet of live cedar garland for $14.99. One strand of it went a long way at my little house.  (Live cypress garland, which looks like cedar is $69 for 6 feet at Pottery Barn!)  I think this little vignette could use maybe one more little thing before it's totally complete, but I couldn't wait to share about the Costco garland. 

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to show off my tree and what I found to put it in.  My wonderful husband was searching last night and found a planter at Lowes for $9.99 that I immediately ran out to buy.  The trick is going to be getting the tree in the planter without destroying it.  I've already broken three ornaments while trying.  Wish me luck!

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  1. What a great job putting together you "mantel". I think your idea was a huge success. Can't wait to see the tree. All the best, Lori