Monday, November 23, 2009

The Look for Less: Pottery Barn Birch Candles

Pottery Barn has been carrying these for a few Christmases now, and I still haven't gotten tired of them.  This is the first year I've bought any though.  They range from $15-$69(!) at PB, but since they've been so popular other retailers have started carrying copies that start at $9.99.   Target has three different sizes 4", 6", and 8".  I bought one of the 6" candles for $12.99 and was planning on buying a couple more from Target until I stumbled into Kohl's on my hunt for a wreath stand .  Kohl's birch candles start at $12.99, but almost all of their Christmas decor is alreay 50% off.  I got a 4" candle for $7.79.  The 6" candles are $8.99.  I"ll definitely go back and  get a few more.

I think these look just as good as the ones from PB. The taller one is from Target and the shorter one is from Kohl's.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I always liked these birch candles too so thanks for the tip on where to get them more reasonably! To answer your question on the price of the vintage Christmas ornaments...I paid $5 for the box but the week before it had been $10 for the box lot...I have seen individual ones that range from $2 on up to $20 depending on the ornament. But I'm cheap...I like a bargain! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    :) Laura

  2. TFS Went to Kohl's after reading and bought mine.