Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanks!....and More Cheap Greenery

It's been one month since I started rambling on this little blog.  Thanks to my readers, followers and all those who have left comments on the posts and via Facebook!  I really appreciate it...I'm pretty sure I would have been done about three weeks ago if it hadn't been for all to positive feedback.  Thanks again, y'all!

Here are a couple of other places where I've used Costco greenery in my house:

The trees are from Target and Crate & Barrel.  I got them on sale last year.

This is not my favorite, but it makes my unfinished Craigslist mirror look not so unfinished for now.  The ornaments are from Target....also on sale last year. 

These pictures are not great, but I found more cheap greenery at Trader Joe's.  The swag was a mix of different greenery and the wreaths are just like the Costco ones, but smaller and half the price.


  1. I love how tucking in a few pieces of greenery can just transform an area and say "holidays". Did you get the "as long as it doesn't block the TV" before you placed that greenery? : )

  2. These look so nice and I bet smell wonderful. I never did get any :(. Well, too many other things to do.