Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A VERY Easy DIY Fall Wreath and....

...a quick "Hello!"

First of all....hello!  It's been a while (eight months!) since I've posted anything and I'm hoping that my little one takes a nap that's long enough to let me finish this post in one sitting.  Second....we have all seen the "Sorry it's been so long since my last post" line on plenty of other blogs, and I have to say right off the bat that I am not sorry!  I have been busy!  I went back to work as a teacher seven weeks after I had my son and I've been keeping all the balls in the air ever since.  I might as well go a head and say that this blog is not another ball that I intend to start juggling any time soon.  I have some ideas and I may do some reorganizing to get this thing going in the future (perhaps sooner rather than later), but for right now I'm just stopping in to say hello.

One more thing before I get to my wreath...thank you to those of you who have started following in the last few months.  Maybe you accidentally clicked on the "follow" button before you discovered that I'd basically shut it down or maybe you were completely intentional...either way...I'm glad you're here.

And now....here is my super-simple, super-easy, (maybe a little too plain?) fall wreath:
DIY Fall Wreath

A couple of weeks ago the temperature really dropped for the first time and I was inspired to do a little fall decorating.  I looked and looked for an easy DIY fall wreath and just couldn't find one that I liked that really looked easy.  I am not good with florals, I'm not a huge fan of bows, and the DIY versions of wreaths like this just looked too time consuming.

Better Homes & Gardens

I made a little trip to Michael's to see what I could come up with and ended up spending $10 give or take a little for the materials for my wreath.  The 18" grapevine wreath was $3.99, the strand of berries was $2.99 and the bunch of dried leaves was $2.99.  I ended up getting two bunches of leaves, but I only used a very small portion of one bunch. I don't have a step-by-step tutorial because I didn't think I'd be doing a post about it, but the process was very easy.  I fastened the berries with floral wire then hot-glued the leaves where I wanted them.  Done and done.

I used the dried leaves because I liked the way they looked better than the fake ones.  They were also cheaper.  If you'd like to make this project a little cheaper here's link that tells you how to preserve your own leaves.  Gathering leaves for a wreath could also be a nice activity for kids. 

 Well, that's all I have for now.  James has been awake for about 15 minutes and he's starting to let me know that he's gonna need my undivided attention very soon.  Y'all have a happy fall!

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