Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Make Your Own Throw Pillows

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While I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my crib bedding I thought I'd do a post on a very easy sewing project that can add color, texture and interest to any room.  Throw pillows can be ridiculously expensive, especially when you prefer down/feather filled pillows over the polymysterystuff-that-gets-lumpy ones.  By the time you buy a cover and an insert you're lookin' at at least 30 bucks per pillow and if you're lucky enough to find some at a store like TJ Maxx or Homegoods they might not have enough or they could still be 14.99 a piece.  Most of the pillows I've made have come out to cost about $5 each.  I buy fabric from the $7.99 fabric warehouse.  There's one in Raleigh and Durham.  Then I head to Ross and dig through all of their throw pillows to find down pillows with ugly zip-off covers.  I've bought pillows for $3.  You can't even buy a plain insert for that much.

Then it's time to sew.  I'm not a good seamstress, and there's probably a better way to make covers than the way I do it, but I've found the easiest way is to make covers that overlap in the back so you don't have to mess with zippers or trying to sew it up.  I don't have any pictures with all the details, so I'll give a play-by-play how-to when I make pillows for the nursery.
The pillows in the first picture are in my living room.  Guess which one I didn't make....yup the one with the beads.  It was on clearance at PB.  The pillows in the second picture are on the daybed in our office/music room.  So easy!  I can't wait to get started on the ones for my nursery.  Here's a sneak peak at my inspiration...that pillow is $61!

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  1. I totally agree with you! I had made my own pillows for years {until I didn't have the time anymore}. I even sold some. I used to go to a fabric place and would head right to the back where the remnant area was. I got some great fabric cheap and they also had remnants of trim. I'd grab them up, too. Nice way to add your own personal touch on a budget!

  2. Nice job. The flap is a good idea. I usually just hand sew mine, but I do like zippers. Yes, you are right about pillow forms- why are the so expensive!

  3. Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It's always nice to meet new people!
    Great job on the pillows. I read with interest because I am going to be making some for my new bedroom look. I like that inspiration pillow. What a great way to add additional colors to a room.
    Congrats on being a mom-to-be. That's very exciting news. Have fun getting the nursery ready.

  4. I just found you by accident and i love your blog!
    Have a very happy New Year!

  5. Aaron, I love your pillows! So much so that I featured them on my Frugalicious Friday Favorites post. They are so thrifty and I love the fabrics you chose. Thanks for linkin' up, and feel free to grab my Finding Fabulous feature button if you like.

  6. I'm a pillow junkie -in fact my husband thinks we have more pillows per capita than anyone else (his words, not mine)! Love your inspiration!