Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nursery Sneak Peak...Getting Crafty

I am not usually a crafty person.  I'll paint or stain a piece of furniture, sew a pillow here an there, but I typically don't try to take on making something from scratch.  One thing I've noticed about a lot of accessories that are made for children's rooms is that they look like they can be easily made...and of course I'm going to attempt to make something myself rather than pay $$$$ for it.  There are two projects I've started in the past couple of days: a mobile, and some canvas art.  I've seen little canvases in baby stores that literally just have stripes or dots painted on them for over $30.  Most mobiles I've seen are $50 and up (way up), but might not have the colors I'm looking for.  Here are the beginnings of my projects:

Both of these projects have come to a pause until I can figure out what color to paint my nursery, so it might be a while 'til I have the end results.  So far I have spent about $12 on the materials for the mobile and $6 on each of the canvases.


  1. Aaron, you have such a cute start. The little felt owl is adorable. (If you're like me, all decision-making abilities left me while I was pregnant!)

  2. Looks promising so far, can't wait to see the results!