Sunday, January 24, 2010

Currently Looking For: Inexpensive Lamps

Why are lamps so expensive?  I'd like to replace the lamps in my living room so I can move them up to my bedroom, but I just don't want to spend the money.  I haven't done much looking, so there might be some super secret cheap lamp store I haven't seen, but so far I haven't run across it.  I'm thinkin' I'd like something like this:

Really simple, but not $150.
I'd also need a table top lamp.  This little tripod lamp is $39.99 at Target:

This little tripod table lamp is $329 at Target.


  1. Jeremy and I have found nice lighting at Lowe's and Home Depot for pretty reasonable prices. I looked on Lowe's tonight and they have several floor lamps similar to the pic you posted ranging from $50 for one lamp or $88 for a 4-piece set of lamps. Hope this helps!

  2. I just saw some lamps at my Goodwill that still had plastic and tags on them! JC Penney sometimes has some good ones on clearance {online} and Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx are always good to check. Lowe's {in store} also has a nice selection and you can purchase the shade separate.

  3. Check out Walmart (in store). I just bought some for my family room and they are the Canopy brand I believe. I bought separate drum shades and they look great. For both, they were like $60.

  4. Hey Aaron! Such a great blog- I've really enjoyed look through your ideas. Congratulations on the baby boy!
    Have you checked HomeGoods for lamps? I feel like they usually have pretty decent things for fair prices. Good luck in the search!

  5. My fav places for lamps are TJ Maxx...Target...World Market...Old Time Pottery...Hobby Lobby and Stein Mart. Good luck with your shopping!


  6. I was going to post what Kathy posted so no reason to do a repeat.


  7. I saw a tripod lamp at Target last night that looked very similar to the ones you posted! It was $27. It was on an end cap at the Target in Triangle Town Center. Just in case you're interested... :)

  8. Ah! I bought the exact same shelves from Target and had the EXACT same problem! I actually tore up my receipt from Target, rolled it into a few small balls and shoved it in the holes on the back of the shelf. Worked like a charm. Great minds.... :)