Sunday, January 31, 2010

One of My Ikea Finds

Who knew babies needed so much stuff?  I didn't until I was putting away the first batch of shower presents.  One of the things I didn't anticipate needing for the nursery was storage.  I found myself sitting in the floor with all this great stuff around me, but I had no where to put it.  Thank goodness for Ikea.  The unit was about 50 something dollars.  It's not one of the greatest deals, but it's pretty sturdy and should be with us for quite a while.  The blue hamper next to it was $3.  Perfect for tucking away in a closet and holding stinky, dirty baby clothes.  Speaking of clothes...I think my unborn child has more than I do.  There's a dresser full in addition to what's in the closet.


  1. You can never have too much storage and IKEA is a great place to find some awesome units!


  2. Well, when you have to change his/her outfit a couple of times a day from spit-up or other leakage, you'll be thankful for all those clothes! Those bins will be great for storing diapers and wipes, too!