Sunday, November 29, 2009

Transformed Costco Wreath

I am covered in glitter and I have sustained minor burns from a glue gun, but I think the result is worth it.  Here is my transformed $15.00 live greenery wreath that I picked up from Costco:

This project was pretty cheap because I didn't have to go out and buy ornaments for it.  All the small ornaments were from the centerpieces at my rehearsal dinner (3 years ago...thanks Miss Sherri) and the larger ornaments were bought last year at 75% off...about $5 total.  This wreath could get pretty pricey if you didn't have some spare ornaments hanging around, but it would be very easy to do on a much smaller scale.  My wreath is 28".  I've seen smaller ones that are very cute and use only ornaments on a coat hanger and no greenery.

I started last night by hot gluing the metal tops to the glass balls.  Apparently if you don't do this they will just pop off.  I strung my ornaments onto floral wire and the result looked like this:

Obviously that's not enought to encircle the wreath.  You have to lay them on the wreath and spread 'em out. 

Once you have them where you want them wrap pieces of doubled up floral wire around the wreath to attach the strand of ornaments.  I probably had to attach it in about 10 different places before I coud hold it up and not have the ornaments sag.    Overall, I'm very satsfied with the look of the wreath especially when I consider that the one at PB is about 80 bucks and smaller. 

Here's the link where I found this idea.  That wreath uses a coat hanger and just ornaments.  Bending a coat hanger didn't sound like fun to me.  The floral wire was very easy to work with.
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  1. It looks great! I think it's even better than the inspiration! :)

  2. Wow, $15? You did a great job, it looks so expensive!

  3. I think your version is prettier than the inspiration. Nice work!

  4. This looks great! I love the colors of the ornaments! It just pops off the greenery.

  5. Your wreath looks so pretty! I'll be on the lookout for post season steals on ornaments. I would love to try this for next Christmas!

  6. Beautiful wreath. I love the combination of the greenery and the brown/copper ornaments. They really work well together.

  7. I was just at Costco and didn't see any live wreaths-rats! I really like the color of ornaments you selected - nice.

  8. You certainly picked an awesome color combo and did a fantastic job!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a happy Sunday!!

  9. Wow! What a great idea! I know what I'll be making tomorrow! TFS. ~Lisa