Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Look for Less: Pottery Barn Faux Snow Vase Filler

PB Faux Snow
This is the first of a few posts in which I will be targeting Pottery Barn's Christmas decorations. As much as I love that store and appreciate the quality of their products, the prices on some of them make me want to go spend a couple hours stopping customers from being ripped off. I can imagine myself being dragged out of the store still yelling at people to put down the over-priced item that they could find so much cheaper somewhere else. If it weren't for my concern for the safety of my unborn child I would consider doing it.

Let's start with the faux snow vase filler. The pictures don't do this stuff justice. The displays I've seen in store that use this are much prettier than the ones they have online. You should go check them out. A box of the faux snow is $12.00 (and I'm pretty sure that it used to cost $19). Two years ago I decided that I would track down cheaper faux snow. I paid $2.99 at Michael's for a bag. This year I was walking down one of Wal-Mart's Christmas aisles and saw that they have it for (I think) $1.99. In both stores it was in the aisle that had the little Christmas village stuff. Please, please don't spend $12 for fake snow and if you happen to see any one else doing it...stop them.

It may not come in the pretty clear plastic box that the snow at Pottery Barn comes in...but it's the same stuff.

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